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By [Owner] Hades a - Posted Jan 13, 19

Regarding recent changes….
{If you had no problems with the recent changes, you can disregard the following announcement.}
We always do our best to involve the community in changes and decisions that affect the server. This however, has its limits, and needs to be respected. There are things and issues that occur that you, as a player, do not witness or experience. There are also issues that as a player, you would be biased to, which would impact a ‘community poll’.

For example. The changes to the bounty plugin. Previously, if you killed a player who did not already have a bounty, you would be automatically bountied by the server with a $1000 reward. Each time you killed a player, the bounty on you would increase. This was meant to be a fun way of encouraging PvP - however recently people have found ways to exploit it by killing their friends repeatedly, to increase the bounty, and claim it on one another for the money. That is not the purpose of the plugin. The purpose is to hunt each other and PvP each other fairly, not let people kill you to exploit the server for money. Therefore, payment for it was removed. This was not optional, because players could/would vote to keep it, despite the issues it would cause for the economy.

The auction plugin was swapped out with another, which is almost entirely identical. We’ve changed the increments to be the exact same as the previous plugin (for it to show at 30 seconds, 10, 3, 2, and 1.) The main difference is that rather then hovering, you also have to click to view the item. This should not be a big deal, it is one additional action that takes a milisecond to complete. You already had to move your mouse to the location of the item, pushing your left mouse button should not be too much to ask in exchange for a plugin that is better suited to our servers wellbeing.

The reason for the change largely has to do with it being more player friendly. The old plugin you had to input numbers in the correct sequence to auction the item, including how many items you wanted to auction. If you typed even one thing incorrectly, it would send an AD ID alert to all staff, console, and it would be logged in the server, and your auction would not work. You also could not auction certain items, such as remnants, heart of the sea, etc. which is now supported with the new plugin. The additional perk to the new plugin, is that you can auction larger quantities of items at once. Additionally players were accidentally mixing up the number positions and this resulted in auctions that were either too high or too low for what they had wanted. Now all that is required is /auc start [price], you put all your items into the chest, and you’re good to go.

We’d also like to take the time to remind people that we do encourage constructive suggestions, but they should take place on the forums. This is not to be difficult or disregard suggestions, it’s actually the opposite. By keeping them all in one place, and having a seperate post where people can leave their opinions and reviews of it, it ensures that we don’t lose track of any, we see them all, and can respond. PM’ing staff, suggesting it on the server, or discord, is all temporary and the messages are likely to be missed. Someone asked for a suggestions channel on discord, however the same problem remains that we would have to scroll through endless conversations/debate to try and find the suggestions. Forum posts keep the actual suggestion at the top, they don’t get deleted or lost in other conversations, and it’s kept separate from other suggestions so it gets the proper attention.

Additionally, player reports [or reports of any type] should not be PM’d to staff. You can report players on the forums, or create a ticket on discord in the help channel with /ticket create [title]. The appropriate staff member will contact you when they are available. Arguing and badgering staff is not the way to go about a problem.

We appreciate everyone’s continued support, constructive criticism, and their positive contributions to the community. We understand change can be frustrating, but when it's for the greater good, we hope you can accept it.

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