Hello Magonians!

We are very pleased to be launching Magonia's first New Year's event, courtesy of RunsWithShovels and MrsShovels! Thanks to them, we have a maze that will be available at /warp nyevent - but be warned, getting into the New Year won't be easy! Make sure to empty your inventory before warping (you will need food), you can die!

There are no checkpoints, teleporting, flying, or setting homes. There are diamond markers to mark the end of a level, and some chests have loot, and a special New Years currency that you can use at /warp event to get the New Years staff painting and limited edition Firework tag! The Hello2019 tag will only be available to those who complete every level of the maze, and is lootable from the last chest. 

Good luck finding your way in the New Year, Happpy Holidays, and have a safe night!

January Update

[Owner] Deus_Hades a posted Dec 30, 18

Hello Magonians!

We have a very special announcement to make. The month of December is coming to it's end, which means January is coming! For January, we had some plans.

The first thing we're adding in January, is the Top Forum Posts reward! For clarification; this reward is like the Top Voter and Top Playtime. There will be a top 3.
Warning! It is NOT about who posts the most in general, it's about who posts the most useful, positive and helpful posts on the forums to contribute to the server! We will decide as a staff team who will be the top 3 every month.

Before January arrives, we have New Years! What better way to spend New Year's Eve than with friends and a couple of drinks! For that, we announce the arrival of the Brewery Plugin! With the Brewery plugin you can brew Beverages that will intoxicate your character.
This has some effects;
- You get drunk, meaning your chat will be messy! Nobody speaks fluent when they're drunk...
- When you log out, you respawn in weird places! You drunk so much, you forget where you were last night!
- You can vomit Soul Sand! Drank a little too much maybe?
- You can get SO drunk that we will kick you out of the bar! You get temporarily banned by the plugin if you get too drunk!
As to how to brew every type of beverage, here's a tutorial link;

We, the staff team, wish you Magonians a happy, safe New Year's eve, and a drunk Minecraft year!

Hey everyone!

We are happy to announce a special event for these cheerful, happy holidays!

We know that people are gonna be spending time together with their friends and/or family. That's why this event will be something small, so you don't have to forfeit the time you can spend with them.

How to enter you ask? Like, subscribe and comment to the video & Magonia channel! Those 3 actions are all worth 1 entry (for a total of 3 entries) to a lottery with the prize being....

The Titan rank!

A random name will be drawn and announced on January 1st. Here is the link to the YouTube video:

Additionally, we want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas with a Gift from us here at Magonia! You can obtain /kit gift from Dec. 24th-Dec26th. It contains some limited edition items that you won't be able to get again until next year!

It's at this time we would also like to announce that we've finished purchasing gifts (through Family Giving Tree) with a percentage of the donations this month. We were able to purchase a variety of gifts, thanks to you guys, that have gone to a wide range of ages, including infants, toddlers, young children, youth & teenagers, homeless & special needs adults, and seniors.Thank you for helping us give back this month and fulfilling the holiday wishes of our recipients. If you would like more information about the charity, the link is here: We wish everyone a happy and cheerful Christmas Eve. We hope you all have a wonderful time with family, friends or loved ones.

As you may know, active players and voters are what keep our server community growing. We couldn't do it without you guys - and wanted to thank the top three most dedicated players and voters this month. 


First Place

$25 Server Store Voucher

Rawdok with 62 votes!

Second Place

$15 Server Store Voucher

LesbeanWhale with 60 votes!

Third Place

$10 Server Store Voucher

D6D3 with 50 votes!


First Place

$15 Server Store Voucher

SteenDeFenomeen with 139.04 hours!

Second Place

$10 Server Store Voucher

LesbeanWhale with 99.13 hours!

Third Place

$5 Server Store Voucher

BolliBollen with 92.88 hours!

Thanks once again to everyone who participated this month! Your vouchers will be PM'd to you through enjin. If you would like any vouchers stacked, PM me the two codes.

Good luck this month!

There's a new face in town - and word has it that he's got some mad forging capabilities! Ever get tired of all those useless low tier mythic items that mobs drop? Well, he's here to help. You can visit him at /warp forge and left click him for his crafting capabilities, or right click him to crush those useless items so they can be made useful someday!

For full details and an informative guide to Mythic Drops on the server, you can check out our post on them here.

Don't forget to thank Shovels for making this possible!

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